Cleric of Melora


High Elf, Cleric

HP: 18
AC: 14


Quarterstaff 1d6 +1 or 1d8 +1
Dagger 1d4 +4

Animal Friendship, Speak with Animals, Light, Sacred Flame, Cure Wounds, Healing Word


Priest for the temple of Melora in the city of Shoremere.

Allowed the party to use the temple to ambush the leader of the drug operation taking place in Digavia and Forlione after learning the back of the temple was the meeting place for the exchanges between the leader and the black market dealers.

Once the leader, who was revealed to be a green hag, was dealt with he offered his thanks to his party and as payment promised that whenever they came to him he would allow the accommodations in the temple and healing if needed.

art: PoE


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