Told Stories

How it all began

The Beginning - Part 1

Ariel, 14 Zariel 1260.

Our story begins inside the walled city of Digavia, in a small tavern called The Jester and Rose.

Like in any other tavern you can find food, drinks, and music in The Jester and Rose. Amongst the tavern’s clientele there are four interesting individuals being served this afternoon, who have no idea of the tales they are about to unfold, and how their fates will intertwine.

In one table, getting drunk and eating more than you would think is possible for such a small fellow, is Rebe K. Bierne the halfling rogue. Not far off, and also drunk, is Justino Bierbo the human bard, who begins to dance and sing on top of his table. The paladin sitting in the bar, Diergo Marivaldi, rolls his eyes at the spectacle as he continues enjoying his drink. In the corner of the tavern, observing all the events, is the elf ranger know only as Acharnor

As people continued to come in and out of the tavern, one man comes in and sits at the bar. Slightly drunk already he orders a drink and begins to talk to Diergo. “It just keeps happening. People in the city disappearing, getting high in alleyways, this place is going to shit”. As Diergo begins to question the man on what he just said Rebe, having overheard, jumps into the conversation.

The man continues on saying that citizens have been smoking some strange new cigar. Whoever smokes it gets a high off of it, and many addicts have been found in the city alleys either knocked out from the high or dead. In some cases there are some that disappear with no bodies found. The barkeep also confirms this information as he refills some drinks.

Achernor having been listening in on the conversation out of curiosity begins to leave the tavern. Diergo and Justino also, coincidentally, decide to leave at the same time. Rebe seeing it as his chance to skip on paying the bill takes the opportunity to leave as well.


As the group leaves the tavern they see a man walking just outside the tavern. Smoking what looks like a blunt the man leans against the alley wall and begins to slowly falls to the floor. Curious they begin to ask the man what is going on and immediately notice that the man is experiencing a high from the smoke.

Rebe asks him the blunt and takes a short whiff from it, instantly regretting the decision. Whatever he’s smoking is very strong stuff. Justino and Acharnor begin to ask him where he got the blunt. After giving them a few confused glances, the man told them that he got it from the market. Even though the four of them had never met before they decide to investigate together and see just what is going on in this city.


The marketplace is full of many kiosks and carts that fill what used to be an open area in the city center. Once there, the party noticed another man laying on the ground, unconscious. Other people seemed to ignore the man and continue with their business.

Upon approaching him a nearby merchant said to them: “He’s been laying there all day. It’s that damn drug that people keep smoking”. Upon further questioning to this, and other merchants around the area it was revealed that there is rumors of a new black market merchant in the city who carries, among other things, this new drug. It was also revealed that the merchants believe a weapon’s dealer named Numnuts who operates in Digavia, is the one selling the drug.

It was easy for the party to find where Numnuts store was since he is well known. That is where they headed next.


Numnut’s Fine Weaponry was located near the marketplace. A small building slightly hidden between other larger buildings, but not that hard to find. The party was greeted by Numnuts a short satyr with curly black hair. “Welcome friends! May I interest you in some of my magical weapons?” he proclaimed, taking them into the back room of the store where he had a large table filled with different ornately decorated and glowing weapons. A large forge filling the back wall.

Justino, not trusting the satyr, examined one of the weapons and quickly noticed that the jewels were fake, and the metal used to make them was weak. When he told the rest of the party Acharnor immediately took a hold of Numnuts and, not wasting any time, began questioning him about the drugs. Numnuts denied having anything to do with them and said he knew not of what they were talking about. Acharnor proceeded to threaten to burn him in the fires of the forge if he didn’t come clean.

When threatened, Numbuts began revealing that he had heard of the drugs and that there happened to be a secret passage to an underground area inside the small water well that was in his store. He could open the door for them if they let him. Acharnor decided to let him.

Once at the well Numnuts put his hand inside the opening as if to pull a lever. Instead he retrieved some tiny magical balls which when he threw towards the party became four giant spiders. Diergo made the first attack and took down the first spider with one powerful hit. As the others continued attacking, Numnuts tried to make his escape, but Diergo was able to quickly react and knock him out.


With the spiders dealt with, the party tied up the unconscious satyr and began searching the store. There was no door in the well but they did found one under a large table full of fake magical weapons. Opening it revealed a spiral staircase that lead to a small basement.
They took Numnuts with them and began investigating.

There was one table full of the materials used to forge the fake weapons being sold in the store. In another table Diergo found a map Digavia that had an X marking a small forest near the outskirts of the city, and a small journal which had names wish dash lines and dates next to each. Rebe took the journal with him. The other item of interest in the room was a chest, that when opened was full to the top with a bone colored dust. The party assumed this was the drug they were looking for.

Numnuts awoke, and the party began to question him again about what his connection to the drug actually was. His response was that his job was only to sell it. If they wanted to know more there was a secret door in the basement that only he could open, which led to were he got the drug. Of course, no one trusted him, but there was indeed a lever this time were he said there was, and indeed none of them could figure out how to open it. Without untying him, Rebe took him to the lever and asked him to open it. When the satyr pulled the lever a trap door opened on the floor were he was standing, but his plans of escape were thwarted once again, this time by Rebe, who managed to catch him as he was falling.

Inside the trap door there was a long, dark tunnel which the party decided was worth checking out, but before they left to investigate, they decided that were not going to get any more information out of the satyr, and that he was more trouble than he was worth, and there was no reason to leave him alive, let alone with all the damage he had already done to the citizens of Digavia.

Once Numnuts had been disposed of, the party continued into the tunnel. It was a long, uneventful walk down the dark corridor which took several hours. Eventually the tunnel ended in a ladder with a door at its end.


Jundum, 15 Zariel 1260.

Exiting they found themselves in a forest. With no way of knowing were they were they began to explore the nearby area.

Suddenly hearing a rustle in the bushes they saw what seemed to be a very small griffin, about the size of a house cat. Acharnor tried to befriend the creature, but failed and it retreated into the woods. They tracked its paw prints and arrived at a secluded farm. There was a building and even more of the small griffins outside of it. Acharnor saw the griffin that he had tried to befriend before and tried again, succeeding this time.

As soon as they began to explore the farm, a bunch of men came out of the building. “What are you doing here, and how did you find this place?” they yelled. The party tried to convince them that they were lost and stumbled upon the place by chance, and were only trying to find a way back to the city. To which the men replied “Well, you won’t have to worry about finding your way back anymore” and began their attack.



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